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If our normal guided walks don't whet your appetite and you fancy a bit more of a challenge, then why not try one of these more challenging walks that are sure to leave you with an experience that you'll never forgot? You'll need a good level of fitness to complete any of the below, but we'll discuss that fully with you when you make a booking. There is always the option to split the routes into multi-day backpacking trips.

  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks: This route takes in three of the Yorkshire Dales' highest summits in a circular 24-mile loop.
  • Lakes 10 Peaks: A brilliant alternative to the National 3 Peaks and one of the nicest walks in the Lake District.
  • Welsh 3000s: Definitely a step up from the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, the Welsh 3000s is a 30-mile walk running from the summit of Snowdon to the coast at Aber, taking in all 14 of the 3000ft+ mountains in Wales. Can easily be split into two days, but is still a challenging walk doing so.
  • Lakes 24 Peaks: Completing 24 of the Lake District's highest mountains over two days is a real challenge, but very rewarding if you do so! It's also a fantastic way to enjoy the best the Lakes has to offer.
There are countless similar challenges out there, so if you've got an itch to explore a particular area, get in touch and we'll come up with a route to satisfy your desire. Other ideas including backpacking the Bob Graham or heading to the Scottish Highlands for Tranter's Round or the Glencoe Round.

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By nature, the prices for our more challenging events varies. Below are example prices for three of the most popular, done in one day.
Activity 1-2 people 3-4 people 5+ people
Yorkshire 3 Peaks
24 miles over three of the Yorkshire Dales' highest peaks
£150 £180 Get in touch for a quote for 5 people or more.
Welsh 3000s or the Lakes 10 Peaks
Longer 24-hour challenges that are a great alternative to the National 3 Peaks.‚Äč
£250 £320

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